Creamy Mango Pineapple Smoothie

creamy mango pineapple smoothie

In a blender, place:

  1. 1 cup fresh mango chunks
  2. 1 cup fresh pineapple chunks
  3. 1 cup rice milk
  4. 1/4 cup organic limeade

Blend until smooth and creamy. Share with your best friend:)

Serves: 1-2

creamy mango pineapple smoothie


Spicy Cabbage Radish Slaw

spicy cabbage radish slaw

This is a super healthy dish that makes an excellent meal in itself by adding your favorite bean (ie. garbanzo, adzuki, kidney). Today I’ve made it as a simple side dish to accompany whatever else comes along later in the evening for dinner. I’ve never been enamored by radishes, but in this recipe the mild radish taste is enhanced by the herbs and spiciness of the jalapeno. I hope you will try this at home!

You will need:

  1. 1/8 cup jalapeno pepper, diced
  2. 1/8 cup lime juice, freshly squeezed
  3. 1 tsp. honey
  4. 1 tbsp. olive oil

These are the ingredients for the dressing which you can place in a blender and mix for 30 seconds or so. Let the dressing sit while you prepare the slaw.

In a bowl, combine:

  1. 2 cups cabbage, chopped
  2. 1 cup carrots, sliced, diced, shredded…whatever you prefer
  3. 1/8 cup fresh basil, chopped
  4. 1/8 cup fresh cilantro
  5. 1 cup radish, chopped

Combine the dressing to the slaw, add a dash of salt and pepper and there you have it! Simple, tasty and healthy!

spicy cabbage radish slaw and fallen coconut

Hawaiian Papaya Salad Kayaks

When buying papayas, look for fruits that have a yellowish rind with little or no spots or bruises.  Pair this recipe with just about anything…rice, quinoa, chips and salsa, a more traditional salad-or let it stand alone as a light meal. It’s essential to include a good percentage of raw foods into your diet and this is an excellent recipe with which to start.

Serves: 2-4.


  1. 3 ripe papayas, divided
  2. 1 cup avocado, diced
  3. 1/3 cup raw macadamia nuts, chopped
  4. 1 tbsp. parsley, mint or cilantro, minced
  5. 3 tbsp. lime juice
  6. 2 tbsp. onion, chopped
  7. 1 cup arugula, romaine or any other salad green, chopped
  8. salt and pepper to taste


Halve 2 papayas and scoop out seeds. Set halves aside. Peel remaining papaya, then halve and scoop out seeds. Cut peeled papaya halves into 1/2-inch dice, and place in medium bowl. Add avocado chunks, macadamia nuts, parsley, lime juice, and onion to diced papayas in bowl, and toss to combine. Season with salt and pepper. Fold in arugula. Fill papaya halves with salad, and serve immediately.