More reasons to eat your carrots

Eat carrots for your digestive system: people who eat raw carrots at least once a week have half the risk of developing stomach cancer as those who rarely eat them.  Similarly, people with a high intake of carrots are 56 % less likely to get pancreatic cancer.  Carrots also protect against colo-rectal cancer.

 Eat carrots for your respiratory tract: many studies show that eating carrots regularly confers significant protection against cancers of the lung, pharynx, larynx, and mouth. 

Eat carrots for the female reproductive system: studies show that high carrot consumption protects against breast cancer; in one, it was found that eating carrots just twice a week halved a woman’s risk of breast cancer, compared to women who never eat them.  Other research links carrots with a reduced likelihood of ovarian cancer. 

 Eat carrots for your skin: Italian researchers have discovered that a diet which includes plenty of carrots (along with cruciferous and leafy green vegetables) halves the risk of melanoma.  This result builds on Australian research, which found a correlation between eating carrots and a reduction in developing skin cancer.