Coffee or Yerba Mate?

Are you trying to cut back on the caffeine but continue to crave that
 little boost in the morning? Consider replacing the morning latte 
with a medicinal mate- the tasty and healthy beverage revered
by millions of South Americans.  While a coffee bean is oily 
and acidifying to the body, mate is a green leaf that is naturally 
caffeinated.   The national drink of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay,
yerba mate is known to eliminate fatigue, stimulate mental and 
physical activity, reduce stress, and boost immunity.  In Paraguay, 
it is used as a base in their medicinal system in which they mix
different herbal combinations to treat varying maladies… 

mate gourd and bombilla

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lisasfoods
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 23:57:36

    I need to try this stuff sometime. I have a friend who lived in Paraguay, and raves about yerba mate. However, I’ve been trying to wean myself off caffiene (I’m a tea drinker normally), so if I do try this, it won’t be too often.


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