Lemon balm, a mellow, uplifting herbal tea

Lemon balm is native to Europe and northern Africa and has been cultivated for over 2000 years. Also known as Melissa tea, it is still known today in France as a remedy for fatigue and headaches. It is a gentle lemony tasting herbal tea that has a soothing and uplifting effect when drinking. Lemon balm is known to have sedative effects and is a good tea to drink in the evening to help you sleep at night. If you want to drink it to promote restful sleep, you may wish to combine it with valerian and/or chamomile. Lemon balm has also been used for menstrual cramps. You can make lemon balm tea from the fresh or dried herb. For a hot tea, steep 1 tsp. of dried lemon balm per 1 cup boiling water. If you are using the fresh herb, use 1 ½ tbsp.. per one cup water. Letting the herb steep for a while-7-10 minutes should do the trick. Sip 2-3 cups per day if you are interested in drinking it for medicinal purposes. Otherwise, drink it whenever you like. It’s a nice addition to your tea drinking repertoire!

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